This project initially served as a pointed response to the blatant misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton that was coming in waves surprisingly from the left (here's looking at you Bernie bros). Thus, the pro-Hillary, anti-asshole movement was born, proud to go to bat for the most qualified person to ever run for office of the President of the United States of America. We weren't concerned about the GOP at the offset of the project, and even gave a huge sigh of relief when Donald J. Trump became the Republican nominee. Clearly the country would see the glaring ineptitude in that choice, and reason and sanity would prevail, giving us another historic and proud moment in this country's history. To quote the 45th President: WRONG!

We're not going to dissect what happened, as there is a plethora of journalism and opinion pieces (there's a difference, people) out there to break down the inconceivable election year of 2016. What we will do is forge ahead more determined and motivated than ever to fight for liberal values and social justice that both Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Obama administration represented. Our solace lies in the fact that Donald Trump was elected into office by a minority of the people: there's more of us than them. And above all, hope remains the driving force of striving for the American Dream for all people, not just the privileged few. 

So this project continues and is now an anti-asshole movement for the politically agitated, ready to lean into some much needed civil disobedience. 

And to all Trump loyalists, I quote the lovely Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott: 

"Run for cover, motherfucka." 

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